Compost disclaimer: By using the compost from The Island Project, you understand and agree to the following criteria:

  • The compost used is a mixture of organic material with NO added chemicals to speed up the maturation period or to sterilize unwanted seeds. This process makes our compost 100% organic.
  • Some seeds are not destroyed within animal digestion process, potentially leading to some unwanted seed within your compost, this can be managed by weeding regularly.
  • Compost has matured for 24 months.
  • All animal manure that is composted comes from animals that eat grass nut and no meat.
  • Cardboard, food scraps, grass clippings, hay, straw and bark chip make up the majority of the substances used in the composting process.
  • You agree to using The Island Project’s compost at your own discretion with the project taking no liability where compost has been used.

Planter Material:

  • The Island Project uses heat treated pallets.
  • We recommend that you treat pallet wood to increase life span and eliminate any potential issues.
  • Planter wood can be rough, please use gloves when handling.

Home grown produce:

  • All seedlings have been sown in an organic manner.
  • Please wash all food before consuming.

The Island Project is merely a provider of resources in this transaction and does not take any liability regarding the construction, production of food or problems that may arise from using provided resources.